Bare feet were made for walking!

I need to upload some recent picts from the past two months but for now I will leave you with this exciting news!!!


Summer, Summer, Summertime

We've had a busy few months! Including lots of visitors and our first family vacation to Boston to visit my brother and his family who were visiting from Texas. For all of our visitors except Grandpa, it was their first time seeing June. She loved every bit of it. Here is a group of pictures from the past few months. enjoy!
 7 months old and ready for the growth chart

Carls college friends stop by for a night

Fourth of July Carnival

The great wall of toys!
Junes buddy all the way from Paris

Great Aunt Susan and Uncle Tim with the beautiful blanket she knitted.

June likes to climb. The higher she can get, the better...for her, not us.

She still LOVES books!
Her third International Dinner.

Grandpa Bob visits

 Boston has wonderful playgrounds!

First subway trip.


At the Lake

Yesterday we made a last minute decision to stop by Forest Lake and see if June liked the water. Unfortunately it was such a rush decision we didnt think to wear bathing suits ourselves. The water was warm and there were a lot of kids swimming, which June loved to see.  She seemed to really enjoy walking in the sand and crawling in the water! We will be back to the lake soon!


And another month older...a month ago, sorry!

This video was taken on May 25, she had just turned 6 months. Aunt Cindy was here visiting and June seems to be discovering her belly for the first time. It was so cute for us all to see.


Yikes, 2 months fly by!

OK. BIG apologies for going almost 2 months with no post!! Hope I didnt lose my blog stalkers. We're back! Carl and I made a swift decision to tear up the 50 year old green shag carpet in preparation for Junes crawling and face plants. None too soon. We are just back in our home and she has started rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Now just to figure out how to go forwards. She has no problem going backwards which creates lots of fussing when she ends up getting farther away from where she wants to be.

I dont know how I should recap these last two months. It feels like so much has happened. Here goes:

 Mom and June going on a hike.

 She found her thumb and was doing really well at soothing herself....then she got 2 teeth and no more thumb sucking. I have to admit I am sad about it since it really did calm her.
June loves her Aunties!
June with Aunt Cindy
 She tries to get the strawberries off of her pants. Its pretty funny.

 Beginning to prop herself up.

 June loves to play with her feet.

 She also loves the jumper! 

 Just started foods recently. She likes to eat food but her body is having a harder time with it.

At 5 1/2 months...getting bigger!

and more progress to come :)